Brill’s Commitment to the Environment

At The Brill Company, we value the natural environment, and our business practices reflect that commitment. From environmentally sensitive sourcing and use of raw materials to reclaiming 100% of our wood waste from production, we work everyday to build our products and to have minimal impact on the world around us…it’s been a part of our business culture from the beginning.

  • Wood is sourced through companies associated with active reforestation projects.
  • 95% of veneered wood and 78% of solid wood is used in manufacturing products
  • 100% of unused woods produce heat for Brill facilities. Wood waste is also recycled for other companies.
  • 100% of the production facility is heated by wood waste. No natural resources are consumed for the generation of heat in our facilities.
  • No production waste is sent to the landfill.
  • 100% of the facility is sealed to water runoff to the surrounding streams and lakes.

More Environmental News
Brill has begun producing furniture with formaldehyde-free hardwood plywood. Based in the principles of biomimicry, which studies nature and then imitates its designs and processes to solve human problems, this breakthrough will enhance environmental quality among future campuses.

Read about our commitment to “saying no to landfills” here.

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