#SayNoToLandfills – Let’s fly in clean air and walk on solid ground

The Effects of Landfills on the Environment

In the decades before government regulations were put in place for landfills, anything and everything could be buried beneath the ground at an old dump site, some of which may still be releasing toxic chemicals or other hazardous materials into the Earth. As buried...

Drinks bottles now biggest plastic menace for waterways – report

Plastic bags only 1% of plastic in freshwater after sustained efforts to reduce their use Plastic bottles, the detritus of our throwaway water and soft drinks habits, are the most prevalent form of plastic pollution in European waterways, according to a new report....

Many of our countries landfills have been closed due to them being full or from groundwater contamination. Once groundwater has been contaminated, it is nearly impossible to clean. #zerowaste

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The Truth About Recycling

Think You're Doing Your Part by Recycling? Think again: Much of the plastic dropped in recycling bins isn’t even recycled. In 2014, 22% of PET plastic collected for recycling was exported out of the United States. Why? Our facilities can’t keep up: Plastic production...

Video: China’s Waste Ban

Video: Where is the Biggest Garbage Dump?

Landfills are among the biggest contributors to soil pollution – roughly 80% of the items buried in landfills could be recycled.

At Brill, no matter how large or small, every step in preserving and sustaining the beauty of our world helps. From sourcing environmentally sensitive materials to recycling every scrap of wood as a source for heat, we work to build projects that have minimal impact on the world. In our eyes, the green world is getting greener and we are proud to be a part.

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