Where technology meets furniture.


A desktop dashboard that adapts to any style of furniture.

• innovative •
• techy •
• integrates into LifeSpace I •
• integrates into any furniture style •
• allows use of multiple monitors •

SmartBarTM with Wire Management and Acrylic Screen

SmartBarTM with Speaker Stand

SmartBarTM with Universal Monitor Mount


i-trekTM adapts to any style of furniture and offers intelligent capabilities with the SmartBar innovation.


i-trekTM with Camden Desk

i-trekTM with Mesa Desk

i-trekTM with LifeSpace I Desk

i-trekTM with Casa Desk

i-trekTM with LifeSpace II

i-trekTM easily works with any style of desk allowing students to move monitors and books up off the desk for more useable space.

i-trekTM Accessories

Speaker Shelf

8″ Bookshelf

16″ Bookshelf

Night Stand

Monitor Shelf

Monitor Bracket for Your Monitor or TV

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